The Rustic Artisan

The Rustic Artisan’s Pate Ste Therese



The Rustic Artisan’s Pate Ste Therese is an homage to a time gone by. A delicate, handcrafted, feuilletée pasty casing with hints of slow cooked and delicately marinated, mince beef or chicken. All encrusted in an airy, flaky feuilletée indulgent bed of pure buttery decadence. A must try, many have branded The Rustic Artisan’s Pate Ste Therese as the best selection outside of the former French Colonies. We will let you be the judge. Expect a journey layered with nostalgia and cherished childhood memories.

– Our own Handcrafted feuilletée Pastry crafted in the French Artisanal Tradition
– Our Selected premium beef and poultry, and minced and marinated in our kitchen
– Our Premium Butter, no vegetable oils or margarine used


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