The Rustic Artisan

The Rustic Artisan Cafe & Restaurant

Sourdough Baguettes & Pizza, classic French & European Dishes - with international fusion

The Rustic Artisan, by LUCIA, was born out of a nostalgic love of art, food and through the contemplation of cherished, childhood memories. A return to authentic handcrafted creations – born from heritage, artisanal traditions.

The Rustic Artisan is transitioning into an artisan food educator and is no-longer a Bakehouse Café Restaurant situated at 61 Marianne Way. We closed on 22nd October 2023. We will soon be launching unique, event type artisanal sourdough baking classes and other handcrafted dessert classes i.e Sourdough Croissants. To follow our developments join our Facebook page



  • Sourdough Baker/Artist
  • Oil Painter,
  • Sketch Artist
  • an Academic with a Masters Degree in Linguistics:
    and more importantly a mother to 6 year old Suzanne and 3 year old Sebastien.
Our Sourdough creations are designed to accompany fine quality cheeses, charcuterie or hearty sandwiches. Many of our Sourdough loafs are adorned with hand scored designs individually crafted by Lucia using techniques dating back to France in the 19th Century (upon request). Our full list of menu items can be viewed here.

The Rustic Artisan Difference

Artistically Hand Crafted, our own Sourdough Starter, Between 40 – 48 hours fermentation, Provincial French Techniques, Baked fresh Daily, Exceptional Service  

At the Rustic Artisan we won’t tell you we produce the best Sourdough in Melbourne or that we produce the finest most delicately alluring Sourdough croissants or the most irresistible baguettes or the most divine Sourdough Pizza adorned with artisanal Salumi….. let’s face it, all too often you hear similar claims.

We invite you to try our creations and to share your opinion with us. What we can tell you is that you will never taste anything like our Sourdough bread because the starting point of our bread is the cultivation of our “own” Sourdough starter. Yes! we do not start the process with someone else’s commercially developed Sourdough starter, we start with creating our Sourdough starter from scratch using traditional techniques. We do not use any artificial additives or preservatives and our bread is prepared and baked fresh daily. Our bread loafs are made with flour, yeast, salt, technique – and nothing else. We adhere to established French Sourdough flavour cultivating techniques and our core country loaf is developed over 48 hours of fermentation – resulting in richness and complexity in both flavour and Sourdough character. As a Sourdough Artist, Lucia can custom score loafs with designs that are both stunning and meaningful to our customers.

Our purpose is to provide our customers with a unique and personalised experience that we hope will be unforgettable. Exceptional customer service and gratitude for our customers’ support is at the centre of our bread making philosophy.

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